Shown above is a standard 75 gallon U/L listed (PY75UL) day tank with an optional #352 oil cooler.

A 25-gallon U/L Listed single wall Standard Day Tank (PY25UL) with an optional #465 U/L Listed Enclosed Industrial Control Panel.


Pryco’s STANDARD Day Tanks are available in either a U/L Listed (Label #142) or a basic (non-U/L Listed) design. In addition to the standard features listed below, U/L Listed tanks have additional internal reinforcement, an emergency vent properly sized to the tank, and a U/L Listed label (File #MH12807 - Aboveground Tank for Flammable Liquids).

Pryco Tanks are fabricated of heavy gauge steel by certified welders. Each tank complies with NFPA 30 and is tested to 5 psi.


A totally enclosed outer shell may be added resulting in a double wall construction. Both the inner and the outer tanks are vented separately and are pressure tested at 5 psi.

When enclosing a U/L Listed day tank, an additional emergency vent is added to the outer tank the same size as the inner tank. (The U/L Listing is "Secondary Containment Aboveground Tank for Flammable Liquids", File MH12807.)

Day Tanks with a capacity of 25 gallons and more have all threaded connections located on the tank top (except the overflow, drains, and the double wall vent). The inner tank drain is piped through the outer shell.

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